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Queen Sapphire Jubilee

January 2017

2016 ended on a busy note, with The Story of Beatrix Potter, which came out in June, followed by Game of Queens: The Women Who Made Sixteenth-Century Europe, published in October for the UK and November for the USA. I was lucky enough to enjoy a lengthy US lecture tour to speak about Game of Queens, and to see the book selected as a Christmas season favourite by, Goodreads, BBC History and others.

Queens continue to be a theme in 2017, since I have been asked to write a brief biography, to be published in September, celebrating 90 years of Elizabeth II and have a novel about Mary, Queen of Scots, The Last Mary, coming out with the new Endeavour Ink. I have also been speaking about the modern monarchy for two major tv series being shown this year (as well as speaking with Alan Titchmarsh for Secrets of the National Trust). After Elizabeth: The Queen and The Crown, I’ll be turning my attention to a very different twentieth-century subject – the relationship between Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf. But I’ll also be preparing to start work on a longer book, which looks further backwards into history . . . Queens again, you might say, though not in the sixteenth century!